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Support from local organisations at the Hospice Holdup fundraising event

The Norfolk Hospice provides care, comfort and compassion to those in our community nearing the end of their lives and to their families and friends.

People referred to our service have a variety of life-limiting conditions, including the many forms of cancer, heart and lung conditions, and neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Parkinson's Disease.

We provide day therapy, home care including day respite, outpatient services, and support for patients, carers and the bereaved. We also collaborate with our partners in the provision of a full Hospice at Home service for patients at the end of life.

We are responding to local need by growing our organisation, and 2014 sees us preparing for a move into a new, purpose designed and centrally located hospice building. 


Each week we:

  • Support individuals to enable them to live with dignity towards the end of life
  • Support both the patient and their family to enable them to make choices and to have the best possible quality of life
  • Care for the carers and enable them to continue to care for patients at home
  • Support the patient and their family, enabling them to talk about dying and death as much as they want to and support the bereaved in their grief
  • Deliver care to people where they want to be, including where they want to die

Your support is appreciated and very much needed. The percentage of our funding that comes from the NHS, 13%, is well below the 35% national average, so our services depend on your help, from donations and legacies, and from volunteering.

Our range of services:

  • Day Therapy - including symptom management, emotional and psychological support, physiotherapy and complementary therapies
  • Living Well groups  - a six week course to provide information and advice and to enable people to adjust to changing health needs
  • Outpatient services at the hospice – where individuals have a dedicated appointment for specific therapies
  • Bereavement support for individuals and families
  • Support groups for those caring for someone at home
  • Hospice at Home service for patients at the end of life
  • Home care, including short respite support sessions

For now and for the future:

The Norfolk Hospice is more than just a building. Since 1984, our Hospice has been providing skilled and compassionate care to people with cancer, neurological and other life limiting conditions.

The area we serve is one of the few in the UK that does not have a full 24 hour Hospice service and this is something that is urgently required.

We are currently expanding our services, the number of hours in the day we cover and, with foundations already built, we are working towards a new hospice with in-patient facilities. Such a service would provide North West Norfolk with a service equal to that of the East of the county, and provide rural Norfolk and the Fens with the service it needs.


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