We have officially launched our 35 Challenge as part of our Celebrate 35 campaign - and we want you to get involved!

During the month of August we are asking you to choose your challenge and support The Norfolk Hospice at the same time. 

It is up to you what your challenge is, but we have a few suggestions if you're stuck: You can pledge to get fit and aim to walk or cycle 3.5 miles each day or 35 miles throughout August. Or, if you're inspired by Captain Tom, how about 35 laps around your garden each day or spread over the month? You can set your own targets though - the world is your oyster!

Or feel free to use the opportunity to be creative and daring... baked bean bath, buzzing off your lockdown hair or 35 hour sponsored silence anyone? The possibilities are endless! 

Set up your own Fundraising Page or comment below your own fundraising link.

It isn't too late for you thrill-seekers to sign up for our Take the Leap Day skydive either. 

Raising over £35 you will receive a special edition 35th Medal as a thank you

Don't forget to post your photos on social media, tag The Norfolk Hospice and use the hashtag #Celebrate35 so we can share them on our pages! 

Good luck! 

Our Celebrate 35 Campaign is kindly sponsored by