Lantern Walk

Whether you are walking or simply want to make a kind donation, why not add a photo of your loved one to the online memory wall? Simply upload your picture and any special memories to the bottom of this page.

These are the names of the people being remembered at the Lantern Walk. 

David Steele
Hazel Pascoe 
Stephen Smith
Trevor George Collison Dennis Gerald Hall
Steven Smith
Arthur Moore, Les & Doris Jarvis
Nora Knowles
Irma Farrow
Karen, Hannah, Maurice, Carl Everitt
Gill Hunter
Vic Bramham.
Margaret Hardy
Margaret Hardy (wife)
Margaret Hardy (mum) Joan and John Pearson (grandparents)
Margaret Hardy. Grandparents
Ron Pennell
Margaret Hardy  (nan)
Jean Coley
Auntie Louise - Louise Gray
Louise Gray - sister n law
Stephen Thompson
Grandad Great Nana
Nana Dave White
Dad Nana
Jean Martyn
Jean Martin
May Copeland, Dorothy Palmer, Edward Palmer
Dorothy Palmer, Edward Palmer, Liam Fairhurst
Sydney Charles Lord (Grandad)
Syd Lord (father)
Mum and dad
Nanna Archie
Robert. Jennifer, Sandra and Sheila
Nan- Joan Williamson
Joan Williamson & Helen chase
Molly (little nannie) wittred
Barry wittred
Stephen ‘Fruit’ Frohawk (Dad)
Debbie Manning (Mum x )
Linda Smith
Les Thirkell and Chay Snow
David Harwood
Rich Lock (Lockey)
Mrs Dorothy Boardman
Jo Jo
Kevin Mann. George Mann
Natalie and Alan and Mark
Robert Chapman Howard and Florence Hanson
Grandad Thompson
Charlie Strong and Nesta Lake
Nesta Lake
Charlie Strong
Auntie Sue
Hazel Sayer
Chris Link and Hazel Sayer
Mark Redhead
Kevin Woolston, Mark Redhead
Great Nannie Rene & Great Grandad & Mark Gilbert
Great Nannie Rene & Great Grandad & Mark Xx
Nannie Rene & Grandad & Mark Gilbert
Mary Ward
Winnie Stannard
Helen Buckle, Jan Stanley, Nanny Buckle
Bob Darrington
Nicholas - dad  Winifred - nan
Daneta - nan John - grandad
Family members
Jim Birch , Lynda Birch
Jim Birch , Lynda Birch and other Family members
Keith Michael Wilson
Christopher Link
Sylvia Storer
Gwen Huntingford
Robert rose
Steve Smith mum & dad
Ted Burrows

This event has kindly been sponsored by SKF Cooper We are very grateful for their support.