We asked Ron to tell us a bit about himself and why he's happy to spend his time volunteering

Many of the items I've put up for sale on eBay have been very successful, making hundreds of pounds for the Hospice. Like a rare 1918 Kinora - an early motion picture viewing device. It sold for £280! And there was a working model of an RNLI lifeboat and a 16th century illuminated manuscript page. 

I enjoy selecting donated items that are suitable, then finding out something about their history. A good description and a nice photo helps them to sell. 

A Londoner by birth, through a scholarship, I went to Alleyn’s School, Dulwich - but I wasn't as famous as some of the others who went there.......actors David Hemmings and Jude Law, journalist Kelvin McKenzie and designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

I studied and qualified to work in the aero-engine industry. Spending many years working on rocket engines it's not surprising that I'm particularly keen on 'boys toys'. I love it if I can research and list models of vintage cars, cameras, train sets, old radios and cassette players.  

For the whole eBay team it’s always interesting to see what we come across and what each item actually makes. It’s amazing what people will buy - and the Hospice gets the benefit.