We asked Celia to tell us about her life and what it's like to be part of our fundraising activities

When I served in the Royal Air Force I worked in various locations at home and abroad. My role in administration was very varied, ranging from working on aircraft squadrons to being in charge of Human Resources. Now I'm a Volunteer Administrator for the Hospice - also very varied as, among many other things, I do presentations and take part in fundraising events. Much of what I do reminds me of when, as a child, I used to help my parents at charity jumble sales!

As a newcomer to the area I was very interested to hear about the Hospice and really wanted to be involved. And now, as a public speaker and ambassador, I can say 'thank you' and tell people how their donations mean we can provide help, support and dignity to patients and their families - it makes me proud to be part of the team.

What else have I got from volunteering? Well, it helps me keep up with new technology....and there’s fun in fundraising!

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