The Fun Quiz Night at Dersingham Village Centre returns!

The next quiz night will be on Friday 7th October with questions starting from 7pm. This night includes an additional challenge - the Question Master's Brightest Waistcoat Challenge.

Tickets are £6 each (including snacks) and the maximum team size is 6.

There will be cash prizes for winners and raffle prizes on the night.

Licensed bar courtesy of the Dersingham Village Centre Association. 

This event is in aid of The Norfolk Hospice. 

Booking is essential through Graham Eley on 07901 896102 or [email protected]

The Question Master's Waistcoat Challenge

The challenge is for the quiz players to wear a waistcoat that is more colourful or better decorated than the one the Question Master will be wearing. 

If the Question Master's waistcoat is judged not to be the brightest then he will donate £1 to The Norfolk Hospice for each waistcoat in the room. If however his waistcoat is judged to be the brightest then each waistcoat wearer in the room will pay a forfeit of £1 to The Norfolk Hospice.

Judging will be undertaken independently. 

Waistcoats are not the most popular and available items of wear these days so any sleeveless top may be worn. They can be self-made/decorated or straight off the shelf. 

Have some fun and please take part!