The Norfolk Hospice eBay Store, based in North Lynn, has recently acquired an illustrated letter signed by the renowned Norfolk naturalist Arthur H. Patterson. The letter is about to go on sale via eBay.

a picture of a letterA.H. Patterson was born in Great Yarmouth circa 1857 and had a variety of interesting roles, such as school truancy officer and zookeeper, which allowed him the time and freedom to pursue his interest in nature. He was particularly interested in the wildlife around the beaches of Norfolk and at Breydon Water, near his home town.

Patterson became well known for his nature notes and vivid sketches of the wildlife of his native Norfolk and he was regularly published in the Eastern Daily Press under the pseudonym John Knowlittle, typical of his self-deprecating style.  Patterson also wrote as Melinda Twaddles, creating a series of comic notes about Norfolk and its dialect.

The Norfolk Hospice’s eBay Manager, Kate Bambridge, was delighted with the donation which came through the Norfolk Hospice’s Downham Market shop. She commented,

We are absolutely thrilled with this very generous donation as it is the kind of item which gains a lot of interest on eBay both at home and abroad.

Patterson’s letter was addressed to a Norwich schoolgirl, Nora Pymer, and deals with her query about the egg laid by her tortoise. The envelope is beautifully illustrated with one of his unique pen and ink drawings.

an illustration of a birdKate commented that Patterson obviously made an impact on the young girl as her scrapbook, also included in the eBay lot, features cuttings about wildlife and also, poignantly, Patterson’s obituary from the October 28th 1935 edition of the Eastern Daily Press. Kate added,

This is such a charming item, which commemorates a fascinating local character, instrumental in recording the flora and fauna of Norfolk. However, it is difficult to place a value on an item such as this so I’m keen to see what interest we gain on eBay.