There is lots of evidence of the benefits of nature and being outdoors.  Working in a garden is a fun and effective form of exercise, which provides benefits to both physical fitness and emotional wellbeing.  For some people due to ill health or disability, it can be difficult to get into their own garden.

The Norfolk Hospice is starting a new group focussed on gardening.  It is aimed at anyone in the community who struggles to participate in gardening due to their condition, but would like to get back into it.  The group will be open to anyone who wants to improve their health whilst enjoying the outdoors.  The Hospice has close links with the local Breatheasy and Heart support groups, and the British Lung Foundation has provided a grant to support the development of this group.

The Hospice has large gardens, and they are especially proud of the day therapy garden, which has a large fully accessible greenhouse, and numerous raised beds, and where many different fruits, vegetables and plants are grown and sometimes sold.  The Hospice already runs gardening groups for patients and bereaved clients, and is able to tailor activities according to ability. People will be encouraged to do as much or as little as they are able.  During the session the Hospice will not be able to provide personal care, but carers are always welcome.

It will run every Monday except Bank Holidays. 

Nichola Child, the Hospice Day Therapy Lead said, “We are extremely proud of the Hospice and its Gardens, sharing it with the local community has always been our aim.  The Gardening for Health Group will benefit physically whilst enjoying our amazing facility.

For more information please call the Day Therapy office on 01485 601700