This week The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House will join forces with up to 200 other hospices across the UK to celebrate the diverse range of people involved in providing and supporting hospice care.

The theme for Hospice Care Week (9-15 October) - led by national hospice and palliative care charity Hospice UK - is “We are hospice care.”

From nurses to volunteers, chefs to chaplains and corporate partners to carers, the awareness-raising week will celebrate the contribution of everyone involved in hospice care.

The Norfolk Hospice will be highlighting stories about their staff, volunteers, donors and supporters with members of the public and encouraging members of the public to share these using the hashtag #WeAreHospiceCare

Hospice care supports adults and children living with life-shortening illness to live life as fully as possible. The wide-ranging support provided by local hospices includes medical care, wellbeing therapies such as massage, emotional support such as counselling and volunteer-led support, including befriending. Each year across the UK 200,000 terminally ill people receive hospice care. 

Lyndsay Carter, Chief Executive from The Norfolk Hospice said:

A lot of people are nervous of hospices. They think of them as sad places, but the Hospice is completely the opposite – it’s a really positive place.

We do share sad times but we are also part of many incredible moments full of joy and laughter,

People think they are just places for end of life care and that they will never go home again, when in fact a lot of our patients attend for day therapies which help them to manage their illness and live as well as possible for as long as possible in their own homes.

 It's a myth that people come to a hospice just to die.

 Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive of national hospice and palliative care charity Hospice UK, said:

Hospice care is so diverse and involves many people with different skills and talents from all walks of life coming together to deliver incredible care. They are all united by their passionate commitment to the special ethos of hospice care and ensuring that everyone they support is treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

Hospice Care Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich and varied contribution of everyone who contributes to hospices across the UK and we hope the public will join in the celebrations and help share more widely the many personal stories that make up hospice care.