The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House has just launched a new service to support patients with symptoms from their illness. Lauren is a physiotherapist who has completed an Alied acupuncture course. She has set up the acupuncture service specifically for those patients, referred to the hospice by their GP or Consultant, who are struggling with symptom management. Acupuncture can help relieve symptoms like pain or nausea. Like other forms of treatment it does not work for everyone. Each individual will respond in a different way and at a different rate. Lauren assesses patients' individual needs and selects treatment that is appropriate for them. Acupuncture can have a cumulative effect, with pain relief often increasing as treatment progresses.

 Lyndsay Carter, Chief Executive at The Norfolk Hospice said,

I am really pleased that the hospice can offer another therapy to patients struggling to cope with the effects of their illness. Along with many of the other services offered at the hospice, we aim to provide holistic care to support patients remain living as independently and as well as they can at home.