Volunteers help get the most out of our unique donated items when we list them on our eBay site - and a volunteer who knows what to look for can make sure we sell them at a realistic price. So these volunteer roles are key in supporting the work of our retail operations, raising vital funds for the hospice.

eBay Picture Champion

We're looking for someone who has knowledge or is willing to learn about original prints, limited edition prints and other types of art work.

eBay Clothing Champion

  We need someone who already knows or is keen to learn about clothing, vintage clothing and accessories.

For both these roles full training will be given in a pleasant and friendly surrounding, for one day a week - more if you need it. You'd be based at our eBay office in King's Lynn.

Interested? Call Sally on 01553 767752 or Apply Online

Or if you have a particular interest or speciality in another area let us know - you could become one of our champions in that area!

One champion recently had great success with the sale of silver goods - two antique silver-topped glass match holders/strikers raised £280.

Our eBay Manager Kate said:

Nobody was more surprised at their success than the volunteer who originally listed them. She thought they were nice pieces but did not expect them to sell for so much money.

This particular volunteer obviously has a keen eye as she has sold numerous small pieces of silver, and a lovely Victorian shoe horn in recent weeks.

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