Saffy Wright On 28th July 2017, our nanny passed away, the heart of the family who was greatly loved by all. She always put everyones needs before her own, and was always happy to help whenever you was in a muddle and needed advice, she was someone whose presence, was enough to take away any worries and to fill the room with joy and happiness.

Nanny had always been fit and well, and recently moved near to us and she had been happily revamping her new home and garden which was nearly finished and it looked amazing, this was something she loved doing. She loved decorating and she took great pride in her garden. It was a great shock to everyone when very suddenly and unexpectantly, she became ill early 2017, nanny was diagnosed with a grade 4/5 brain tumour, which the hospital tried very hard to control. We wish we could of had more time with her, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do to slow the tumour down. We longed for anything to help her and tried to remain positive as that is how she would of wanted us all to be. We hoped for her to just be ok.

Nanny was transported to Tapping House in Hillington, Norfolk, for end of life care where, as a family, we can not thank them enough for how well they looked after her and made her feel as comfortable as possible. The carers at Tapping House were lovely and very comforting in this hard time for all of the family. Until you are suddenly thrown into a situation like we were, you sometimes dont realise that they actually exist, the charity is occasionally mentioned but you dont realise how amazing the services are. The facilities are like no other; the lay out, the surroundings, how well the rooms are equipped, the staff and careers, the whole place is kept impeccably.

Tapping House is a charity funded by public donations, the services provided are free of charge to families in the local community, the costs per year are over £2 million and the Hospice only recieves a small 35% funding from the NHS. The Hospice recieves no funding from the government so relies on fundraisers and the public for support.

On Sunday 20th May 2018, I will be completing a Tandem Skydive to raise money for this amazing charity for doing all that they could for our nanny. Being afraid of heights and pertrified of planes, jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet is going to be a challenging day for me, but I know that nanny will be cheering me on every step of the way wherever she may be.

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