Garden, plants, trees and the outdoors have always been associated with medicine and healing. 

If you have been inactive for a while or are out of condition then gardening can be a good starting point, as the activities can be as gentle and as easy as you like. Physical activity such as gardening can contribute to an improved emotional and physical well being through meaningful and purposeful activity.

Exposure to the outdoors and fresh air can play an important role in managing symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety and pain. Being part of and watching the natural cycles in the garden can help people adjust to the cycles of life. We run a seasonal gardening group at the Hospice. 

Being creative is a great way to express and explore emotions, whether it is through painting, drawing, writing or something else creative. It can also help provide a distraction from pain, anxiety and stress - and can help improve concentration levels and stamina. Our Living Life Creatively group meets once a week and gives people the chance to complete a project of their choosing.