You will help befriend families, facilitate activities to help alleviate boredom and assist with making refreshments. You will assist with the smooth running of the ward by helping restock equipment, make beds/trolleys, tidying and most importantly ensuring the comfort of our patients.

A rewarding role, ideal for someone with great interpersonal skills, who enjoys working with patients, and their families, and staff. This role is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. We would like you to be able to commit to a regular shift which could be during the week, in the evening or at the weekend.

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The Dr Hugh Ford adult Inpatient Unit offers 24 hour specialist care in our purpose-built hospice.
Our experienced medical and nursing staff help organise each patient’s individual care from the moment they arrive in a professional, yet relaxed way. Patients are always involved in any decisions about the treatment and the care that is given.
Our nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals provide specialist care in a comforting environment where patients and their families and carers can feel supported.

Key Duties are

  1. Signing in at the beginning of every shift and reporting to the nurse in charge/sister and gain an understanding of how the ward/unit is functioning at any given time
  2. Making appropriate enquiries on behalf of the families- e.g. information about discharge time
  3. Keeping your area of work tidy and clean e.g. making beds, empty laundry billies and clinical bins, clean baths/showers after use, tidying magazines etc.
  4. Ensuring all drinks cartons etc. are dated when opened, food is named/dated and stored/covered in suitable containers/dishes. Checking dates on all supplement drinks, drink cartons and foods disposing of them when out of date. Stock milk, fruit juice etc. from the main kitchen.
  5. Following infection control policy at all times to ensure laundry room is clean and tidy. Ensuring patients clothing is listed and/or marked as identifiable. Rinsing soiled linen/clothes, loading/unloading washing machine and drier and iron linen/clothing as necessary. Returning patients clothing to them after laundering.
  6. Assisting in maintaining stock levels e.g. restocking laundry on the ward, restocking the sluice and ensuring these areas are tidy.
  7. Caring for flower arrangements including patients' flowers, dismantling and rearranging donated flowers for display throughout the Hospice.
  8. Offering assistance where needed for IPU patients, including assisting patients with meal ordering, feeding, and drinks.
  9. Washing and refilling patient water jugs after lunch if needed.
  10. Providing beverages for patients as required, especially after meals, and ensuring that their jugs of water are replenished regularly. Offering alcoholic beverages to patients before lunch and supper.
  11. Assisting in serving patients' meals, removing trays, ensuring that trolleys, crockery etc. are returned to the main kitchen and updating patient diet and fluid monitoring sheets.
  12. Ensuring the ward kitchen is clean and tidy at all times, loading/unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the fridge/freezer etc.
  13. Acting as a companion when required.
  14. Ensuring the comfort of patients throughout the day.
  15. Providing assistance to the Occupational Therapists in activities as required, also talking, reading, games, walks in the garden etc.
  16. Respecting the patients’ need for social interaction or solitude whilst an inpatient.
  17. If nursing staff are busy respond to patient call bells and if appropriate assist e.g. pass tissues, drinks etc. Where nursing assistance is needed e.g. toilet, re-positioning inform nursing staff. If an emergency e.g. patient at risk of harm i.e. falling or suddenly unwell – summon help quickly i.e. use emergency call bell. To report any patient concerns to nursing staff without delay.the name/number of the caller and inform them someone will return their call at the earliest opportunity. 
  18. Assisting at the reception desk and / or answer the door using intercom on nurses station when there is no ward clerk and staff are busy.
  19. Volunteers are required to comply with and respond positively to all reasonable instructions given by members of Hospice staff. While volunteer suggestions and opinions are welcomed, the responsibility for operational and strategic decisions lies with the Hospice management.