It has now been a little over two months since data protection laws across Europe were updated and the General Data Protection Regulations came into effect. This substantial change to the law had a huge impact in almost all businesses and charities.

In preparation for the new law, The Norfolk Hospice launched a campaign urging supporters to ‘Tick Yes’ to opt in (or out) of future contact.  They have now had the majority of the response and as a result have consent to contact more people than ever before, particularly via email which is much cheaper for the charity than traditional post.

John Garrett, who is the Data Protection Officer at the Hospice, explains:

We put a lot of work into updating our policies and privacy statement in preparation for GDPR and made the decision to contact all of our supports to give them a copy of the statement and the choice to either opt out, or stay in touch with us. We felt it was really important that we told our supporters exactly how we look after their personal data and how it is used within the organisation.

It is almost unheard of at the moment for organsations to be growing their marketing lists and the Hospice is delighted that local people have decided that they do want to hear from the charity.

We are really pleased that we can stay in touch with so many of our supporters, despite GDPR. It’s really important for us to be able to communicate with people so that we can tell them how our services are developing and how the money that they give to us is being spent. It’s also great that we can still tell them what events we have coming up and ask them for extra help when needed.

John continued.

People who have ticked yes are always welcome to change their minds, they just need to give the Hospice a call on 01485 601700 and it’s still not too late to Tick Yes.