The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House are celebrating Hospice Care Week (5 – 11th October) and to mark this campaign we have produced videos to highlight the outstanding care provided by The Norfolk Hospice and other hospices all over the UK.

2 members of staff dressed in banana costumes

Hospice Care Week is a national awareness campaign dedicated to celebrating hospices by shining a light on their hard work, sharing stories of what it takes to provide end of life care and raising funds to support them.

We will be posting daily videos to our social media pages and website which will be exploring the subject of hospice care and busting the myths surrounding it. The colour theme for this year is yellow, so our charity shops will be decorating their windows in yellow and staff marked the start of the week by dressing in a variety of yellow items.

Lyndsay Carter, Chief Executive at The Norfolk Hospice, said:

“Hospice Care Week is a great way for us to spread awareness in our local community and answer some common questions and misconceptions that people often have about end of life and palliative care.

“During a year like this and being on the frontline during a global pandemic, it is really nice for us to have a dedicated week which is all about celebrating the hard work that we do. At the same time, we hope that our videos will educate and raise awareness about what it takes to deliver hospice care.”

Nationally in the hospice care sector, there are over 40,000 staff, 125,000 volunteers and the services cost £1.4billion each year. We have 127 staff members, 339 volunteers and it costs over £2.5million each year to run our essential services, which are all provided free of charge.

You can watch our videos below.

What is hospice care?

Nicola Ellis gives an overview of what it takes to provide our services at The Norfolk Hospice. She also answers the question 'Is hospice care all about death and dying?'

What is Hospice at Home?

Mel gives an overview of our Hospice at Home service and announces an additional service which we will soon be offering. She also answers the question 'if my symptoms worsen, do I have to go to hospital?'

Therapy & Hospice Care - More Than You Might Think

Nic Child, Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapist, talks through what it takes to deliver all of our Day Therapy services. 

Is hospice care all about death?

Claire Taylor, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, discusses what to expect on our Inpatient Unit and whether hospice care is only for those who are close to dying.

Does a hospice chaplain just offer prayer?

Sandro Dallas, Chaplain and Pastrol Care Lead, talks through all the different facets of spiritual and pastoral care at The Norfolk Hospice.

How does a hospice provide their services for free?

Tammy Green, Senior Fundraising Manager, explains how The Norfolk Hospice (as a registered charity) provides all of our services free of charge.