To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the global online selling sensation that is eBay, we are highlighting some of our store's recent sales and current items.

The Norfolk Hospice eBay Store was set up in 2018 and, since then has sold a variety of fascinating and valuable items which have included a beautiful 1930s Art Deco Bakelite desk set; a pair of U-Boat binoculars; an illuminated manuscript page and a paratrooper’s combat blouse which saw action at Suez.

Currently for sale, we have a Tiffany charm bracelet and necklace; a painting by Jacob Wenczka; a canteen of gold-plated cutlery and a range of vintage clothing for men, women and children.

“I believe that the key to our success is the amazing variety of stock which has been donated to our shops,” states Kate Bambridge, eBay Manager. “We are also incredibly lucky in that we have a number of enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers who are quick to identify items of potential value.”

“eBay is very much our international shop window,” Miss Bambridge added, “we regularly sell items to Europe, Australia and China as well as to customers throughout the United Kingdom. It’s great that in this silver jubilee year for eBay, we are able to utilise it in order to raise funds for the Norfolk Hospice Tapping House.”

Recent big sellers have included a Bakelite desk set which sold for £425, a half sovereign for £188 and four illuminated manuscripts which sold for around £650 each.

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A painting by Jacob Wenczka

A set of gold-plated cutlery

An authentic Tiffany charm bracelet