As part of the Day Therapy team, you'll encourage and work with patients taking part in circuit based exercise. You'll need a level of physical fitness so that you can support this group in their activities.
The Circuit Exercise Group offers individualised programmes of short, circuit based exercises, with a structured warm up and cool down, using a mixture of cardiovascular, strength and balance stations.
It's a nine session group programme, running weekly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. We aim to help patients gain physical benefits, like increased stamina or improved fatigue levels, better breathing control as well as the social benefits of making friends within the group and a chance to have fun.

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Key Responsibilities of the volunteer:

1. Arrive 20 minutes before the start of the group and, with the group facilitator, set up the room ready for the warm up - with refreshments. And there'll be a briefing about patients attending the session.
2. Follow the clear guidelines set by the facilitator regarding your responsibilities during the session - either supporting a specific patient or having responsibility for a particular circuit station/area.
3. Welcome patients as they arrive and assist them from their transport into the meeting room.
4. Encourage participants to actively engage in their Circuit Exercise programme, providing them with the appropriate level of support - as guided by the facilitator. 
5. Report any patient concerns to staff without delay - like changes in patient status from previous sessions, highlighting these to the physiotherapist for reassessment.
6. Report any concerns you may have regarding someone’s safety during the session.
7. Be responsive to the environment, like opening windows, collecting extra equipment, adjusting music volume.
8. Be aware of any patients wishing to leave the group for whatever reason - liaising closely with the physiotherapist to offer individual patient support if required.
9. Offer and provide refreshments at the end of the session, and help with clearing away.
10. Help with clearing away any other equipment at the end of the session.
11. Read, agree and sign to comply with the key responsibilities of this role and all elements contained in the Volunteer Agreement.

This role is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check.