I started feeling unwell in August 2015 but it wasn’t until December that I was finally diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Following diagnosis I had three months of chemotherapy which has resulted in severe side effects. Living in Hillington, I knew about the Hospice and thought they might be able to help me to cope with the symptoms.

I really suffered with fatigue and breathlessness. Previously, I had been very active and was used to doing everything at a million miles an hour. I started attending the fatigue management sessions, which really helped me to cope. I now regularly come and walk around the beautiful Hospice grounds.

Although I have a supportive husband and great friends who also supported me during my illness, it was wonderful to meet so many people in the same boat as me, and I started coming to the Monday Morning Meet Up. At the Monday Morning Meet Up I am able to sit and chat to others. I also get my nails done by Chris, as I have always liked to look my best. I used to have long fair hair, but the chemotherapy thinned it out so I chopped it off and wore a wig. I have also had mini massages from Helen at the Monday Morning Meet Up. This was extremely relaxing.

Coming to the Hospice has given me a whole new confidence, I have discovered that I am able to do things which I never knew that I could do. I have recently been going to Living Life Creatively where I have been painting. My father was, and my sister is an artist, but I never thought I was able to paint. I want to try as many new things as possible and am planning to start the Circuits Exercise group shortly.

The Hospice is nothing to be afraid of. There are so many people there to support and help you. It really does make you realise that you are not on your own. I try to encourage my friends and neighbours to support the Hospice by coming to the Open Days, which are held regularly.