The Hospice is run by a team of paid full time and part time staff and over 300 volunteers, some of whom commit to working several hours every week for the Hospice, whilst others volunteer a few hours in a year to help out. 

Staff and volunteers not only provide the care to our patients but operate our ten shops and distribution centre, fundraise, maintain our buildings, drive and maintain our vehicles, manage personnel and volunteers, answer our phones, provide administration support and ensure that our accounts are in order.

The majority of our staff and volunteers are local people who dedicate their time to the Hospice enabling the charity to care for local people living with life-shortening illnesses and provide support for their carers, families and friends.

Here are a few of our current members of staff. 

A portraight of Stuart Davis, Hospice Driver

Stuart Davis, Driver

From my first day at the Hospice there has always been a very friendly and positive atmosphere. The atmosphere remains the same though the Hospice has moved to new premises here at Hillington with quite a few changes in staff and volunteers. For me it makes it a great place to work. 

A portraight of Jess Walker, Hospice Fundraiser

Jess Walker, Community Fundraiser 

It is a privilege to be employed by an awesome facility that provides outstanding care for patients, carers and their families during their time of need. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be helping my local community by raising funds to help patients, carers and their families. Most importantly I love and enjoy my job.

A portrait of Nicola Ellis, Hospice Nurse

Nicola Ellis, Lead Nurse

I provide the clinical and strategic leadership of the Hospice at Home Team. That means I support the trained and untrained staff within the team to ensure that care delivery is safe, effective and evidence based. We work as an integrated team with the NHS and therefore I need to be well informed of the policies, procedures and current thinking of both organisations.  I ensure that the patient and family experience is as good as it can be and I strive to create opportunities to improve on what we already provide. I have also been very involved in the recent wider integration of palliative service in West Norfolk which has meant transferring some of the skills already described into a wider forum.

Lynn Butler, Retail Manager

I wanted to work for a charity where I knew that the majority of the money raised went towards the reason it was set up in the first place.  My grandfather had hospice care (not The Norfolk Hospice) and I was amazed at how well looked after he was.  I wanted to be part of an organisation that did this kind of care.