This is how our Rapid Response team helped a family through the most difficult of times during a loved one's final days.

"The whole team at The Norfolk Hospice were invaluable during the final stages of my mother-in-law’s life. From the moment she was given the devastating news that her illness was terminal and she would now receive palliative care, the Hospice offered a range of services for her to access and were always on hand to offer support and advice.

“During her final stages, the Rapid Response team were available for us during the night. This service really was vital. When you are with a loved one as they fight against the illness that will eventually take them, it is comforting to know that support and care is available at the end of the telephone during those hours of darkness.

“The Hospice’s Rapid Response team supported us as a family whilst providing vital care. The team showed compassion and respect and it was clear to see that they really do love what they do. They were at the end of the telephone whenever I needed them and they would remind me that I can call at any time if I was worried.

“Caring for a loved one undergoing palliative care is one of the hardest things to have to experience, but this was made easier by the Rapid Response team. There are no real words that can show enough gratitude to the Hospice for all the support they gave us as a family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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