Meet Brian whose volunteering means we can safely sell electrical items in good working order

Since moving to the area - partly so I could grow plants and manage my pond in a cleaner greener environment - I've used my skills by doing portable appliance testing, or PAT testing, for the hospice. I've been impressed by the generosity of donations - some are nearly new electrical items, and I like being able to help raise income from other people's cast offs. Once I'm sure they're safe for customers to use, items can be very keenly priced - so they sell well for the benefit of patients.

And if an item fails the test but not too badly, I'll take it home and try to repair it from spares and equipment in my 'man cave' garage - like repairing the CD drive in a sound system to make it saleable. It helps me keep my hand in and gets me out from under the wife’s feet!

I also enjoy the amazing camaraderie of the Distribution Centre, where I'm based. The team's made up of volunteers and paid employees - we're always laughing and joking.

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