Jacky tells us what she thinks is the best thing about volunteering

The best thing?....helping people that need it. You can instantly see from their faces that you have made a difference. When the Monday Morning Meet Up first started we had about six people turning up - this has grown to a regular number of more than 20 each week.

The feedback we personally receive about the group and the overall services that the hospice provides is really positive - patients, partners, carers and family members often say that we are improving their lives, that they feel relaxed and happy to be known by their name - not labelled by their disease.

It makes me feel good to know that I have done some good - it is very rewarding.

Being part of the hospice team you get to see close hand where the money that is raised goes, which is why I support the Fundraising Team where I can – at an Autumn Fair we raised £211 selling plants that had been nurtured by the patients and bereavement clients. That money can be reinvested in materials and equipment to help even more people.

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