The biggest shock of my life was my fit, young healthy husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Eamonn was a force of nature and losing him was simply something that my sons and myself couldn’t contemplate. The hospice were there to hold all of our hands through the final weeks of our lovely man’s life; the nursing care was just faultless and the love and care extended to us all. Tapping House gave us time and above all, gave Eamonn the dignity he so deserved. I can never thank the hospice enough, but will keep trying! None of us know when we may need to lean on services like these and they sadly have to rely on donations. I’d like to make their life a little easier! This little challenge that I’m doing isn’t much, but as many of you know I’ve struggled a bit with my mobility over the last couple of years and so it is a bit tougher than you’d expect! Please help if you can! Caroline Payne