In Memory

Kevan Lovett

22 Apr 1960 - 27 Aug 2009

Kev was my twin brother for 50 years and was the best friend you could wish for, the life and soul of any party he was.

That is why I will miss him so much at our 57th birthday party that is being held on April 29th 2017, which is at my house, where we spent some wonderful evenings together reminiscing over the past.

A week after me, my brother came in to this wonderful world.  Kev was a real man’s man in every possible way he loved his drink, horse racing and football and of course women.

Kev passed away in 2009 leaving behind a massive void in my life and his four children. Kev worked his way up through life working on a construction site becoming site foreman at the age of 40.

How some of the work he oversaw passed building regulations beggars belief! He once laid a new patio in my current house and the whole job was condemned by building officers. I have just relayed the patio and I can hear him saying “they have messed that up bro.”

"I tell you Kev, you’re looking down at the wrong job!! That's how you lay a patio bruv"!!

When my dad was alive, he treated us to a day at the race course. As most of you know I’m not a gambling man in anyway what so ever but my beloved brother lost his shirt that day. I came home £600 up on the day did that **** my brother off big time. I just used to pick a name or number so much for studying the form. That was always Kev’s way of picking a winner. The logic being horse racing is to follow his brother instincts and came home quid’s in.

Kev lived a colourful life right up to his death, Romford brewery missed him so much that they closed two years after his passing and the horse he backed at the last race at Newmarket is still running the race. When we were growing up we would spend many memorable days at the river Crouch crabbing. I'm sure he caught more than one type of crab!!  That's not the way he would tell it to his friends.

In 1980s we ran a family men’s wear business with shops at Romford and Ilford. We were the managers of our Ilford shop and we would set ourselves weekly taking targets and the little **** would always beat me. He was a top sales man Kev and kept the company going.

You were dearly missed then and you’re dearly missed now. Love you forever.  Elder twin brother big bad Bas. Xx

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