Welcome to Tea for Tapping, an exciting new initiative that aims to spread joy, warmth, and compassion during Afternoon Tea Week, taking place from 7th to 13th August 2023. This unique event invites individuals, communities, and tea lovers from all walks of life to come together and make a significant difference in the lives of hospice patients.

What is Tea for Tapping?

Tea for Tapping is a heartwarming initiative that aims to make Afternoon Tea Week more than just an afternoon tea but a truly meaningful experience for those in need. By participating in Tea for Tapping, you have the chance to extend your love and support to hospice patients, making their journey a little brighter during challenging times.

Your participation in Tea for Tapping will have a ripple effect of compassion and hope. The funds raised during this initiative will directly benefit the hospice and its essential services. From pain management and emotional support to specialised care, your generosity will ensure that hospice patients receive the best possible care during their challenging times.

How do I get involved?