Without the support of charitable trusts and foundations we simply couldn't continue our vital work - caring for people in the local community who are living with life-shortening illnesses. 

We would like to thank all of the trusts and foundations who have given to us in the past 24 months, some of whom are listed below. 

If you represent a grant-making body who might be able to support The Norfolk Hospice please email Sue Lane. We would be delighted to discuss our work with you, and/or arrange a visit if you would like to see what we do. 

Adint Charitable Trust

Albert Hunt Trust

Alec Van Berchem Trust

Angling Trust

Anne French Memorial Trust

Annie Tranmer Charitable Trust

Aquarius Charitable Foundation

Ardwick Trust

Aubrey Orchard - Lisle Charitable Trust

Audrey Earle Charitable Trust

Brigadier D V & Mrs H R Phelps Charitable Settlement

Cecil Rosen Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation

Charles Littlewood Hill Trust

Childwick Trust

Clan Trust Ltd

Claypool Trust

Cranfield Charitable Trust (1971)

D C Moncrieff Charitable Trust

Davies Foundation

Dersingham United Charities

Earle and Stuart Charitable Trust

Edward Gostling Foundation

Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation

February Foundation

Frank Litchfield Charitable Trust

G C Gibson Charitable Trust

G J Dinwiddy Trust

Garfield Weston Foundation

Geoffrey Watling Charity

Goodman Trust

Grace Trust

Green Hall Foundation

Hobson Charity Ltd

Hospice Aid UK

Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust

Hudson Charitable Trust

Hutchinson Charitable Trust

Inlight Trust

Institute of Our Lady of Mercy

J A Floyd Charitable Trust

J and D Hambro Charitable Trust

James Wise Charitable Trust

Jessie Spencer Trust

Kyral Charitable Trust

Ladbrokes Coral Trust

Lexham Charitable Trust

Lind Trust

Linmardon Trust

Lord Belstead Charitable Settlement

Lord Cozens-Hardy Trust

Lord Hanson Foundation

Lynn Foundation

Mark Benevolent Fund

Masonic Charitable Foundation

Meadows Trust

Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust

Morrisons Foundation

Mr & Mrs Philip Rackham Charitable Trust

Mrs Yvonne Flux Charitable Trust

National Lottery Community Fund

Neighbourly Limited

P F Charitable Trust

Paul Bassham Charitable Trust

Pennycress Trust

Persimmon Charitable Foundation

Peter Jost Charitable Foundation

Peter Sowerby Foundation

Rest-Harrow Trust

Schroder Charity Trust

ShareGift (Orr Mackintosh Foundation)

Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust

Smith & Pinching Charitable Trust

Souter Charitable Trust

Stock Exchange Veterans

Strangward Trust

Tesco Bags of Help

Thomas J Horne Memorial Trust

Volant Charitable Trust

WO Street Charitable Foundation

Last updated 22.09.2021