Our physiotherapist or rehabilitation assistant will support you in working towards the goals you may have, to help improve your quality of life and maintain independence within the limitations of your illness. This may be in through one to one sessions or in a group circuit exercise class run weekly in The Tulip Centre. Being active through our other groups is also beneficial at improving physical function.

Being active through exercise can be beneficial in many ways and will not only improve fitness - it can help to boost confidence, decrease pain, increase energy levels, reduce anxiety and stress, aid weight-loss, and help manage many health and mental health problems. Importantly, it can give individuals a sense of achievement and group sessions provide an environment for socialising and some healthy competition amongst peers.

Our physiotherapist Louise has recorded some exercise videos which you can watch and/or join in with below:

Power and Strength Exercise Session

Cardiovascular Exercise Session 

Balance and Proprioception Exercise Session