We are currently offering the following group interventions. They are all short term and following these we aim to encourage people into accessing something similar within their local area. Will provide some support to find something suitable, including liaising with other services who support social isolation and access to services.

Wellbeing with Nature:

A 6 session programme providing varied activities all linking to nature. The potential benefits include improvements in mood, self-esteem, confidence, a reduction or distraction from anxiety, fatigue and pain and an increase in social interaction.

Make and Eat Lunch Group:

A small group which runs over a set number of weeks (usually 5-6 weeks) with an aim to plan and cook simple lunches and then enjoy eating together. We have run this successfully as a patients group and for couples to participate in together.

Living Life Creatively:

A 6 week group providing a space to create a lasting and personal creative project. There are many benefits including developing new interests and skills, offering a distraction from anxiety, pain or fatigue, an opportunity to explore feelings of loss, confusion, anger or guilt, to increase motivation and to reduce social isolation.

Men's Woodwork Group:

A 6 week group giving men the opportunity to complete a woodwork project within the social context of a group. The support offers men the opportunity to talk to each other while working on their project.


This group meets off site at LynnSport fishing lake, in partnership with the West Norfolk Disabled Angling Club. It runs for 6 weeks from Spring to Autumn and aims to find solutions to the barriers to fishing.


A small group which runs over 6 weeks where individuals with limited mobility have an opportunity to be more physically active in a fun and informal way. We encourage a competitive spirit and lots of laughter. We finish the session with an informal social time in the cafe.