Thomas's story

Thomas talked to us just before Christmas 2019 - he's 44 years old and sports an impressive full dark beard which, he says, has darkened considerably since his treatment. He tells his story from when he was a child. Read more

The Big Issue

The Hospice is not just for cancer patients, my husband had Parkinson’s disease. The Hospice is for any illness, and for everyone. Just as an illness doesn’t discriminate, the Hospice is there for every religion, every creed, and for those with no faith or religion. To use a well quoted phrase. ‘Either everyone matters or no-one matters.’ Here at the Norfolk Hospice everyone matters. Read more

Amy's story

Seeing her at the Hospice, it was just like seeing her in heaven. Read more

Phil's story

Glynis and I met in the mid-1970s whilst working in the Civil Service. We had an office romance until I left to join the fire service in 1978. We married and lived in a terrace house in King’s Lynn, moving to another house in the 1980s before buying our current house in 1994 in South Wootton. Read more

Susan's story

The Hospice has been life-saving for me. It’s seven months since Bernard died and I still attend the monthly coffee mornings for the bereaved and the monthly stroll together around Sandringham woods. It’s so cathartic to talk to others that have been through this very dark place. We all support each other. We all know exactly what each other is talking about. We’ve all been there, the timings are different, the order of events are different, but the grief is the same. Read more

Patricia's story

In February 2016 I went for a routine eye test when it was discovered that I had a small bleed behind my left eye. I was referred to the doctor the same day and then endured two months of numerous tests, scans, x-rays, and monitoring. Read more

Jackie and Mike's story

Me and Mike met on the internet ten years ago and after hitting it off straight away we married. Two years later we moved from Peterborough to West Raynham. Read more